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Selenium rectifier stacks are made up of selenium cells, which are mounted together and circuited as required for each application. They are available in configurations to suit all of the rectifier circuits.

CEHCO is a leader in supplying selenium rectifier stacks. In fact, the company can assemble and deliver any selenium rectifier in 48 hours or less. And the stacks contain extremely high-quality, high-density, vacuum-proccessed cells to ensure uniformity, stability, and long life.

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Selenium Rectifier, P/N E362B5EB1
2” x 2” Plates 20 Plates



Selenium Rectifier, P/N K362B5EB1
3” x 3” Plates 20 Plates



Selenium Rectifier, P/N K362B1EC1
3” x 3” Plates 4 Plates



Selenium Rectifier, P/N K362B2EN1
3” x 3” Plates 8 Plates



Selenium Rectifier, P/N K362B6EC1
3” x 3” Plates 24 Plates



Selenium Rectifier, PN C372D5EB1
1/2” x 1/2” Plates 10 Plates



Selenium Rectifier, P/N M452B2EB1
4” x 4” Plates 8 Plates



Selenium Rectifier Repair, P/N 5303C
Replace four 6” x 10” plates By eight 6” x 5” plates


Selenium Rectifier, P/N 5563C-1
4” x 4” Plates 8 Plates


Selenium Rectifier, P/N 5563C-2
4” x 4” Plates 12 Plates


Selenium Rectifier, P/N 5563C-3
4” x 4” Plates 6 Plates


Three Phase Selenium Rectifier, P/N 5626C
1.5” x 1.5” Plates 30 Plates


Three Phase Selenium Rectifier, P/N 5662C
4” x 4” Plates 18 Plates


To accommodate selenium rectifier customers, CEHCO accepts quantity orders at the quantity price and delivers the needed rectifiers on a rush basis, while the balance of the order is shipped by a low-cost carrier. To place an order or discuss your specific application, please call us at 714 666-0787, or send us an email at info@cehco.com.